Easy art decorHere’s a quick post about some easy, inexpensive art that can go in any number of spaces depending on the colours and patterns you choose. (And yes, we spell “colors” with a “u” in Canada 😉 ). I chose bright colours and a floral print background as these frames went into a little girl’s room, but you can choose more monochrome palettes and different textured backgrounds if that suites your space better.



  • Ribba frames from Ikea like the one here.  (They go on sale from time to time)
  • Scrap book paper. Got mine from Michael’s for $0.25 each.
  • Paper flowers. Mine are from Michael’s and I got them for $0.50 each I believe, as they were in a sale bin at the front of the store. Michael’s has a whole assortment of paper flowers. The ones I purchased had little metal clips on the back which I removed.


Super simple, just adhere the scrapbook paper to the back of the mat (use rubber cement glue or double sided tape. Glue stick should work too). Then use rubber cement or a bead of glue from a glue gun to adhere the paper flowers to the scrapbook paper. Done.

easy art decor paper flowers

I placed these frames on the little girl’s bedside tables, leaning against the wall, but they can also hang, be placed on the floor leaning against the wall… anywhere really!



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